Cases of Tooth Ache and Their Causes

Published: 07th January 2011
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Toothache is one of the common pains people suffer from. This pain varies from mild discomfort to tormenting pain depending on the degree of aggravation. The usual cause of toothache is a broken tooth due to cavities or any other form of disease that infected it. However, there are also toothaches that are caused by others, like simple change in temperature, or a growing tooth.

Some cases only require rest and intake of pain reliever, but excruciating pain must be treated differently. Most severe pains are caused by infection or tooth problem that needs the examination and cure of a dentist. Not dealing with the pain immediately can complicate to stern inflammation.

There is a rare case of toothache called barodontalgia, which is caused by change in barometric pressure. This attacks typical teeth and sometimes last for a couple of months or even years, passing from one tooth to another. This pain is the same as what is felt during a growing wisdom tooth. Unlike other causes of toothache, this case has unclear cause and cure. Some pains, on the other hand, are caused by aggravated irritation of the gums or formation of overlapping teeth.

Aside from being the most common problem consulted to dentists, toothache is a credible proof of any disease forming in the teeth. In fact, the degree of pain can predict the diagnosis. Most dentists determine the degree of pain by asking relevant questions to patients or by simply observing their physical responses. Town dentists like any dentist in Murrells Inlet, a small fishing town in South Carolina, usually encounter common cases of toothache and determine diagnosis and cure through these factors.

In recent studies, some toothaches can also predict some heart ailments due to referred pain. Referred pain means a perceived pain in a part of the body adjacent to the original source of pain, which for this cases, is the heart. Although situated in a fairly commercial town, many a dentist Murrells Inlet SC has have knowledge and proper facilities to handle cases like this.

All in all, toothache should not be ignored. Whether it is caused by simple drop in temperature or by a severe heart disease, it needs immediate medication. This is where every dentist in Murrells Inlet bases his or her diagnosis and treatment of any dental issue.

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